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Cookies and Biscuits!

April 30, 2012

Over the weekend, I decided that I had enough of reading and writing.

Well, just enough that I decided to bake for a few hours…

And definitely no work. No work, no work, no work. I’m in that passive-aggressive mode with work – Nevermind. Let’s not talk about it.

So, I made ANZAC biscuits (but they resemble cookies more than biscuits) and a savoury cheese-chili biscuit.

I was first introduced to ANZAC biscuits through a blog that I regularly read: Food Endeavours of the Blue Apocalypse. Basically, ANZAC biscuits were made for Aussie soldiers fighting in World War I. Because it doesn’t use eggs, these biscuits would store pretty well. They’re held together by treacle or golden syrup but I didn’t have it on hand so I substituted with 2 tablespoons of honey.

I’m sad to say I didn’t take any photos. They turned out beautifully. This is my first successful baking attempt. The other time I tried baking chocolate-nut cookie and something went terribly wrong. One of the reasons, amongst others, was my kiasu tendency to crowd the batter. I knew batter was gonna expand but… *shrugs* Who knew they expanded so much? This time, though, I made sure I spaced each small blob far apart from each other (say 2-3 inches?). Another thing was that I bought parchment paper. So, I didn’t need to grease the pan. Greasing the pan makes the cookies/biscuits taste funny. I don’t know how to explain but it just tastes funny. Nobody else seems to understand what I’m saying when I say they taste funny in greased pans but *shrugs*!

So, anywayyyyyyyyyy, although I don’t have any photos myself, I can say my ANZAC biscuits looked somewhat like these:


Really! They did! I was super amazed myself! I thought I screwed up somewhere, esp with the baking soda… But nope! They turned out fine =) I was giddy from relief, to be honest. I couldn’t stand another screw-up. Whenever I bake, YK’s parents are always very amused because they never turn out the way they are supposed to (burnt, too sweet, too hard, too chewy, etc).

At the same time, I was feeling really adventurous. So I made savoury cheese-and-chili biscuits! Initially, it was supposed to be muffins. But then, I decided to make very tiny cookies instead. YK was lamenting that the cookies from The Cookie Museum at Esplanade are too big to share in the office. So, I made a batch of really tiny cookies. It’s about the size of my thumb. But it’s soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee! I did as another blogger recommended and chilled my dough in a log so that I can cut the dough to the thickness desired. It’s much easier to do that than to roll out the flour on a non-existent work surface (Singapore’s flats and their accompanying kitchens are so tiny!). YK has brought the lot to office to share/gobble up. I have another batch for my friend whom I’m gonna meet later. In addition to the ANZAC biscuits. =)

Anyway, these are biscuits that I’m gonna make again, seeing that I got them right! I’m thinking of making them for the office, since many colleagues of mine have been sharing their stash of food with me. We’ll see if I gobble the biscuits before they do. I ate so many biscuits yesterday… Because I baked them, I knew exactly the amount of butter that went in and let’s say… Erm, I’m not gonna think about it.

My next project is savoury onion chili biscuits, aka nippattu in Bangalore!

These look beautiful, yes? They’re from the blog Red Chillies. Very cool blog. Has lots of different kinds of Indian food recipes. :) She included many tips to make the perfect nippattu. Yes! I shall bake that either tomorrow or this weekend. OMG, OMG, OMG. So excited!!!

I asked YK yesterday, “Isn’t it sad that I can only consume a certain amount of calories in my life?”

Sigh. It is a depressing thought!

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  1. awickedmemory permalink

    Congrats on the successful baking venture! Cookies can be hard to get right from scratch – I prefer quickbreads myself, honestly. Mmm, lemon-thyme cake… strawberry-banana bread… ♥

    Onion chili biscuits sound amazing.

  2. Make the best use of / Don’t waste your calories! That’s what (paraphrased) what ieatishootipost says =)

  3. cometo1999 permalink

    To awickedmemory: Thanks! =D Haha, strawberry banana bread? Sounds like a good combi! I loved the cake you baked when YK and I were at your place last year. OMG, seems like forever since I was last there!

    To ashke: SO TRUE. Most of the time though I find food in Singapore quite delicious. Haha. I. can’t. stop. myself. Got. to. have. the. next. cookie!!! And. Mee. Hoon. Kway.! haha. Too bad the onion chili thing has got chili. I’m thinking of baking another batch of cheese cookies, without the spices. If I do make them and they turn out well, I’ll make YK bring them to you! =D

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